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Vibration Sound Experience Events – Feedback

I felt the vibration going right through my body, it felt like my bones were tingling, I’ve never felt anything like it.

I never knew the crystal bowls could make those kind of sounds, they were amazing.


It was so amazing, it was all I could think about until the next one.

The crystal pyramid is very powerful, it felt as it if lifted my body up to another dimension.


The sound of the flute worked really well with the drum to help ground us before playing the bowls.
I experienced a healing
Some of the sounds were not of this world
I went to Debby and Ron’s sound healing and it was just AMAZING. The healing power of the sounds have made such a difference to me. The change was happening during the evening and I have been smiling since. The sound healing has helped me recover from a period of depression and I cannot wait for the next evening.


The sound came from all around, it was amazing how it played in one ear and then the other (note from Debby – this is a very common feedback)
I really enjoyed that Crystal bowl session. I found it so powerful- I loved hearing and feeling the intensity of the bowls and the shamanic sounds added another layer. I’m feeling relaxed, centered and kind of zingy now


That was a beautiful experience guys, I will be back later this month for sure.


It was a beautiful and powerful evening at the vibrational sound healing last night. Hearing all the bowls was wonderful and I enjoyed the other instruments too. Sitting around together making our own organic sounds made the evening perfect
Thanks Debby and Ron for a wonderful sound experience. It was extremely relaxing and meditative and I felt lifted and completely surrounded by the beautiful sound. Look forward to the next one
I enjoyed the unusual combination & thought it worked well. It was great playing a bowl at the end – very powerful
Thank you so much, what a wonderful evening
Thank you so much for another totally beautiful healing meditation
Thank you Debby & Ron. It was an amazing evening and I feel so much better since. Can’t wait for the next one
I love that it is never the same twice running
I went on a beautiful visual journey and met some forest animals who gave me information on what I needed to do to heal a condition.


Client Testimonials


Sound Healing / Dimensional Journeying

The benefits of our session have been remarkable. My energy is totally different and I feel very positive. So much has already opened up for me in the past week. 


Sound Healing

I went to Debby’s sound healing and it was just AMAZING. The healing power of the sounds have made such a difference to me. The change was happening during the evening and I have been smiling since. The sound healing has helped me recover from a period of depression and I cannot wait for the next evening.  – TB – Wellington


Sound Healing

I just have to rave about the sound healing that Debby does! I experienced both emotional and physical benefits; it revealed some events in my life which explained some issues I deal with, and wiped out stiffness in my neck. I came away feeling so relaxed, it was better than a relaxing back massage! Thank you – MC – Upper Hutt


Dimensional Journeying

I have spent the last month asking myself if this is real. I still feel emotions like anger and sadness, but I don’t hold on to them. Enjoying major events like watching a seagull flying is so much more intense. I feel whole. When you consider that two thirds of my life have been spent trying to find the missing part, you can begin to appreciate what a huge thing this is. The reintegration has been such a huge experience that I am still processing it. Although it is pushing me to go for my dreams. I don’t need to hide in the shadows because I now am together enough to stand in the light. LH – Wellington


Sound Healing

This is huge, I feel amazing! I real feel like some weight has shifted and the physical weight isn’t going to be far behind.  I am totally in awe,my whole relationship to food seems to have changed.  The box of sweets on the desk at work that I had been hoeing into didn’t tempt me in the least today. My breakfast smoothie took about 4 hours to consume and I just feel really good!  I took myself out to dinner last night and not only could I not finish my main – I didn’t even try which is unusual in itself, I didn’t opt for tiramisu. I ADORE tiramisu and until last night would never, ever turn down the opportunity. LE – Auckland


EFT Tapping & Sound Healing


Thank you for your help this year Debby. I seem to be good around cats and the little association I have had with dogs, I have also been without asthma. So maybe we have cracked it.


The other thing I have noticed apart from lung issues, is my reaction to spiders. When you had finished our last session you said you knew you had cleared some things. Recently I have managed to squash four spiders – none of them were big or above my head (still to see about those). But, when I saw them, I thought yuk spider need to get rid of it. Did it then thought – that was fairly calm, no heart palpitations, screaming, shaking etc. So in tracing back dog dramas that lead to a large spider in a kennel that I had never seen and my lifelong phobia, I am hoping you have cleared that fear of mine too. Time will tell when I come across a big one or one above my head.  MB – Levin


EFT Tapping

I put into practice what you taught us to help diminish the anxiety I was experiencing over a fast approaching dance class and the accompanying fear of not being able to remember the step sequence. I tapped on the fear/dread I was experiencing on the lead up to the lesson & then went on to tap for the ‘future’ experience of the lesson (taking place later that evening ). The result was a HUGE improvement on the previous week’s lesson & several pretty good runs with the routines. And when I did make a mistake, I was able to laugh instead of stress about it . Thank you so much.  JH – Wellington



EFT Tapping

It is with absolute excitement that I post this!! At the age of 12 years old I was involved in an incident involving water that left me feeling terrified and traumatised to go in the water be it swimming pools or swimming in the sea. This year I decided that 28 years of holding on to that trauma and sitting on the beach watching my partner of 11 years going for swims in the sea which she loves to do and has always been disappointed I won’t join her, it was time I dealt with the fear and did something about it.


I contacted Debby through her business and went for a personal consultation to see if EFT could release me of my trauma and fear of water.


After just over an hour consultation it is with great excitement that I can post I have been swimming amongst the breakers at Mount Maunganui beach on two occasions this week and to my total amazement I have zero fear coming up as waves smash me off my feet and wash me on to shore!! I will be for ever grateful to Debby and the power EFT for setting me free and in doing this further enriching the quality time I spend with my wife by being able to join her for hot summers day swims at the beach.


My message to you if you are reading this and are stuck or being held back in any way with something in your life, is to contact Debby and release yourself of whatever it is keeping you stuck holding you back. As humans we are on this earth to live an enriched full life and we are absolutely not meant to feel stuck or held back.


I will be forever grateful to Debby and for the creation of EFT because it truly does set you free!  Karl – Tauranga



I have attended two weekend workshops and about ten evening meetings where Debby has been the speaker.

The first thing I must comment on is that Debby has very clear diction. She speaks to her audience directly and is very easy to understand. The workshops and meetings have been in relatively small areas so she did not use a microphone. Rather, she pitched her voice so it would carry comfortably.

Especially in the workshop situations Debby has kept the day moving. There are structured breaks and she uses these times to ensure the topics are covered and finished with.

Beyond speaking, on all occasions, it has been obvious that Debby has planned what she will speak on. Any notes are handed out prior to the meeting getting underway and aids like whiteboards or screens, for the presentation are already checked and working.

She is comfortable taking questions from the floor. She does not allow these to fluster her. If she does not have an answer she will admit it and offer to find it later.

As with any meeting, sometimes things have not gone as planned. Debby seems to always have a backup. She has proven very capable of thinking on the spot and also willing to ask for help from more experienced members of the audience.

Debby has made the subject I have been studying far more interesting by her presentations than I would have found it if I had attempted to study online. – Liz – Wellington


In October I attended EFT Level 2 training. This was a three day training weekend.

The first thing I want to say about the weekend was that, at all times, I felt completely safe. There were emotions brought to the surface but Debby and Ron were on hand to give support whenever needed.


While much of the information given was easily obtainable elsewhere, the practical side of the workshop made doing the training worthwhile.  The workshop allowed us to use the techniques on complete strangers, giving valuable experience. We were closely supervised so if any problems arose (and they did) help was immediately available.


The difference between tapping to alleviate current distress and EFT for dealing with deeper issues became a great deal clearer. Also we were given things to notice when a trauma was underlying what seemed to be mild symptoms. We were given enough information to understand that we did not have the experience or skills to deal with the large traumas that could be lurking in the subconscious.


It was a very full three day workshop and the lessons gained from it, invaluable.


I would recommend this workshop to anyone who wishes to learn more about EFT as a practical skill. LH – Wellington

Training & Practitioner

Debby is a wonderful and extremely knowledgeable EFT Teacher Practitioner who conveys ideas and concepts clearly and easily in an engaging and memorable way.


She actively facilitates personal growth during her training and 1:1 sessions. I felt in very safe hands working through issues that came up in training with Debby, and have experienced very positive changes and shifts.


I have learnt EFT levels 1 and 2 and Matrix Reimprinting with Debby, and attending her tapping group.


I highly recommend Debby as an intuitive, compassionate and very skilled EFT Teacher and Practitioner.


Elaine – Wellington


EFT Tapping General

I have countless instances where EFT has helped me. I have had a lot of trauma in my life, and I was sexually assaulted by a few men in the workplace, which hasn’t helped my confidence in running an intuitive/healing business online.


In that job where I was abused, I was the receptionist and I worked on a typewriter (back in the late 1970s), my boss was always bellowing and I had to do everything fast and meet his needs when he roared. I was 18 and had very little power in the working world. I lived in another country from my parents and so needed to keep my job. It probably also triggered up the memories of Typing class in school where you had to keep up, and the speed at which you type is a factor in getting a job.


So in my current job working online I would type way too fast and not take my time.


Doing EFT I have been able to slow down and take my time and take time to think, and breathe, when I type. Just because being fast at typing got me the job, it isn’t relevant now. And my nervous system can relax.   Kate – Christchurch



I had the pleasure of completing Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) Level 1 and 2 training with Debby over a six week period and I am confident to say that I received an excellent standard of training.  I was fortunate to have my training done one-on-one with Debby which made the course personal and fulfilled my needs as a student.


The training in Level 1 consisted of the necessary background theory of EFT and also the practical skills involved in tapping.  The tapping sessions included self-tapping and I also had the opportunity to practice tapping on another student.


Level 2 training delved further into the many techniques used in EFT.


The training manual contained all the necessary information on these techniques which I can use for future reference and study.  The manual also includes several activities that help build skills and knowledge.


As part of the Level 2 training I had the opportunity to complete a tapping session on a volunteer while under the supervision of Debby.  This session really helped me hone the skills I had learnt and to experience what it was like to do EFT on a client.


I would recommend to anyone who wants to pursue a career in EFT or to learn EFT for their own use to complete their training with Debby.


Debby made learning the content an enjoyable experience and I look forward to further mentoring from her in the future.    Melanie – Tauranga

Vibrational Sound Experience

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