Vibrational Sound Experience with Angelic & Shamanic Resonance

Vibrational Sound Healing – a Unique Experience

Experience bathing in the unique blend of pure vibrational sounds as you allow the frequencies of 10 crystal singing bowls (7 perfectly resonating with each major chakra), 2 crystal singing pyramids, hand-made native American drums, flutes and other shamanic instruments, to surround you in their vibrations and take you on your own personal inner journey of relaxation, insights, clarification or healing, whatever is right for you in that moment.

Our human body is a vibrational being whose cells either resonate as ‘in tune’ or ‘out of tune’, this can put the body in a state of dis-ease & stress or good health & happiness.

As the vibrational sounds wash over you, their resonance reaches the cells directly, and all spaces in-between, to allow it the opportunity to re-balance itself.

Vibrational Sound Frequency

Vibrational Sound Frequency has long been used as a form of medicinal healing, and some have also reported expansive, consciousness-altering experiences within our own events. Nikola Tesla himself states that our entire universe was created with sound, frequency & vibration.

This is a regularly monthly event, and some mats and blankets are available but please do bring your own where possible.

Debby is a trained crystal therapist and works with vibrational frequencies in many forms, both Debby & Ron are trained in Shamanic work.

Registration and Payment

These events are offered on a suggested Koha/Donation basis of $10.

Registration is not necessary, just turn up.

Events Schedule 2018

Petone Plimmerton Kapiti
Anahata Yoga Studio

Doreen Doolan Mal

Mana Arts Society

Plimmerton Domain

Kapiti Community Centre
January n/a 16th 29th
February 7th 13th 26th
March 7th 13th 26th
April 17th 30th
May 15th 28th
June 25th
July 30th
August 27th
September 24th
October 29th
November 26th
December n/a

Download events schedule for 2018 (PDF)

Vibrational Sound Experience

Monthly sound healing events held in Petone, Plimmerton and Kapiti.

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