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Tap into Success



Do you dream of being very successful and want to improve your career or financial status yet struggle with the glass ceiling effect?  Do you wish you had more clients but hold back on reaching out for fear of public speaking or lack of confidence?   Are your ambitions bigger than your actions?

A new wave of self-help is on the increase as many life and business coaches are realising the immense potential of this technique called EFT, pronounced E.F.T which stands for Emotional Freedom Techniques otherwise known as ‘Tapping’. It is being used around the world to teach professionals how to quickly release stress, anxiety, self-doubt or procrastination; to become a confident public speaker or to help them achieve bigger and better.

EFT is considered to be one of the best self-help tools on the market and you can easily learn to do for yourself, on the spot, to instantly change your response to a situation.

Many people testify to EFT working to break down barriers to create better relationships and helping them take positive action towards success and removing money blocks.

What is Emotional Freedom Techniques?

EFT Tapping has been around for approximately 25 years and is gaining worldwide attention in many areas of life, Governments are looking at this for health issues; it is being used in schools to help with exam stress, on the sports field to increase performance; in VA centres to help veterans suffering from PTSD and helping businesses to achieve.  It is being discovered that there is no area where EFT cannot be used.

It is used by celebrities, coaches, therapists, psychologists, hypnotherapists, counsellors, every day people in everyday life. A form of EFT is used by one of the largest entrepreneurs of our time in his fly without fear program.  Anyone can use EFT.

The American Psychological Association endorses the legitimacy of EFT along with MD's and neurologists, and science is now examining the claims made by EFT enthusiasts. The top personal performance coaches in the world, such as Jack Canfield and Tony Robbins also endorse EFT as a way of quickly and easily clearing blocks to success.

Its’ beauty is in its’ quickness and simplicity, but that’s also where some of the doubt comes in, that’s it is too simple to work effectively; however, those that use EFT know that statement to be completely untrue.  Used correctly EFT can work very quickly.

EFT has been known to clear bad habits and limiting beliefs within a few hours, leaving you to confidently implement the positive models of success exhibited by other highly successful people.

How does EFT Work?

EFT has its roots within acupuncture but uses no needles, instead you use your fingers to lightly tap on certain points of the face and upper body.  Yes, it may look strange, but no stranger than acupuncture did many years ago, and it works whether you believe in it or not.

Some say that EFT is mind over matter or positive thinking, but it is neither of those things, and if you have blocks to success, positive thinking will have limited effect as you can only achieve as far as your limiting beliefs take you.  EFT helps you to dissolve the barriers to naturally move you to a new comfort zone.

Your thoughts can be your best friend or your worst enemy and trying to control them can be a minefield.  By using EFT to tap on points of the body while thinking about something or experiencing sensations such as fear, anxiety or stress, stimulates a response in the body that has been proven to switch off the fight or flight response which reduces or removes these negative feelings.

EFT helps to rebalance and restore the body to help the mind think more rationally and logically, so where decisions are hard to make, EFT can help to gain clarity, and if you are anxious about public speaking, tapping on the points while you focus on how you feel will reduce the anxiety or negative self-talk to allow you to speak more confidently to your audience.

The medical field says that 80% of illness has a stress related component, and as tapping has been noted to reduce the cortisol associated with stress within minutes, this naturally relates to an increase in health and performance.

Using Tapping to Create Wealth

Blocks around money can impact the success of a business. The anxiety felt on where the next sale may come from or if there is enough cash flow to run the marketing campaign can create stress, fear or frustration which can trigger limiting beliefs around money and stop the money from coming in.  It can be a relentless cycle.

If you could address and clear the angst this could offset the money worries and give your business the freedom to grow, and by addressing the worries on the inside, the outside can have the opportunity to flourish.

EFT tapping will not spontaneously create a pot of money at the end of the rainbow, but it will give you the freedom from negative thoughts and help to create a natural inner resilience to reach higher as you release yourself from fears to allow the creativity to flow with a positive mental attitude that confidently takes your business to the next level.

With so much time spent on business coaching, entrepreneurs are always looking to find quicker and better ways to achieve over and above their competition, and this technique could just give you the edge, but will tapping for success work for you?

Debby is a Master EFT Trainer and runs training courses online and in person for Entrepreneurs to help them overcome their blocks to success.  She also offers a specific coaching program to help you get out of your own way and achieve your goals.  Contact Debby for more information.

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Tapping vs EFT – what’s the difference



EFT is considered to be one of the best self-help, emotional management tools in the world.

By successfully using EFT it is possible to achieve complete emotional freedom from your condition.  However, as more and more people are learning about, and turning to EFT to help heal conditions such as depression, anxiety, pain, fears, phobias or traumas (to name but a few), the question has to be asked:

What is the difference between Tapping and EFT-Emotional Freedom Techniques?

EFT is affectionately referred to as tapping, or that tapping thing. Although EFT uses tapping, there is a big difference between knowing the tapping points and knowing EFT.

On the face of it Tapping and EFT look exactly the same.  They both use the fingers to tap on exactly the same points on the body whilst focusing on the situation.

So what is the difference?

Tapping is more aligned to a Quick Fix for physical sensations in the body that you want to feel better about then and there, on the spot.  It is more of an emotional band-aid that will help you feel better within moments.   However, the condition or issue is likely to return.

For example, if you have a headache or migraine, tapping for approximately 10 – 20 minutes as you focus on where the pain is and how it may be pounding on the right or the left side of your head and any other physical sensations, the pain will ease and eventually go away without the need for taking medication.

If you are driving and suffer road-rage, tapping on the physical sensation of any anger you may feel in your body can help you feel better so that you drive calmer.

Feeling anxious about an interview or exam and tapping for the physical sensations in your body, possibly the butterflies in your stomach, can make these go away so that you can focus more.

If you have cravings for chocolate, pastries or bread or would like to stop smoking with your craving for cigarettes, tapping is good for this too.  A few minutes tapping could have you not wanting to eat or drink that item or not want to smoke that cigarette.  However, the craving has a high chance of returning unless you use EFT to fully clear the reasons why you crave those things.

EFT – Emotional Freedom Techniques on the other hand, is about achieving complete and lifelong emotional freedom from a condition.  Hence the term ‘emotional freedom’ in the title.  EFT includes tapping, but is so much more than that.

A fully trained EFT practitioner will take a person through the reasons behind their issue and help to successfully navigate and clear negative or destructive patterns of behaviour that lead to the road-rage, migraine or craving, or any other issue for that matter.

EFT also has a high probability of being a permanent fix as the individual will work with, and be guided and supported by, a trained practitioner to help them transform their issue to a more positive and resourceful state.  The practitioner is likely to teach the individual how to use Tapping so that they can help themselves between appointments.

Tapping can be done with no training and is perfect as a quick-fix, emotional band aid by dealing with overwhelming sensations that you want to feel better about then and there on the spot, simply by focusing on the physical sensations in your body and tapping on the points until you feel better.

EFT is about long lasting emotional freedom from an issue.

Both have their place and, used correctly both can be highly successful, however, if you want permanent, long lasting emotional freedom from an issue, it is advisable to seek the advice of a fully trained Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) Practitioner.

Alternatively, if you want to know how to use Emotional Freedom Techniques to clear your own emotional issues for yourself, you would need to attend a Level 1, tap on yourself for yourself,  workshop where you will be fully guided on how to do this.

Debby is a Master EFT Trainer with and has trained many people on how to tap on themselves for themselves, as well as training people to become successful EFT practitioners.

She works with people on a one:one basis in person or via Skype.

Visit her website for more info.

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80 questions to uncover limiting beliefs



During the first 6 years of life our brain is in record mode where we take everything we see and hear to be 100% true.  It is during this time that we can develop our strongest and most life limiting beliefs which we then measure the rest of our life against.  These truths, held in our subconscious, serve only to protect us by reminding us of what happened last time and try to keep us safe from repeating the event, however nowadays what mostly happens is that these limiting beliefs keep us in a state of sickness or fear.

As the years go by the subconscious is constantly being triggered by:

  • the look someone gave you,
  • the tone of voice you heard,
  • the smell in the air when you heard the news,
  • the feeling you had when it happened

All of our senses play a part in locking things into our subconscious, but mostly it is about what you told yourself at that time that creates the life limiting belief.  When the senses are reminded of the event, the belief is reinforced.

The questions often asked is:

  • How do you know that you have limiting beliefs?
  • How do you find them? and more so,
  • How can you change them?

One way to recognise some of you limiting beliefs is to look at what is not working in your life right now, money, success, relationships.  Behind it will be a limiting belief that is stopping (protecting) you from moving further than where you are today.

Working as an Meridian Energy Psychology Practitioner, which includes EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) tapping, is it our job to pull on our core questioning skills to help your subconscious open up and show what your limiting beliefs are.  Once you find them, using EFT tapping, you get to take the learnings from your subconscious and re-program (re-record) it to a more positive and resourceful state. By clearing and re-programing your limiting beliefs all affirmations will be powered up as they do not have your subconscious blocking you.

Below are a list of questions that can be used to help uncover your limiting beliefs by triggering your subconscious so that you get that ‘Ah-Ha’ moment.

You may use these to question yourself and your own life, but know that your subconscious is a master at protecting you, so you may only be able to go as far as your subconscious will allow.  Working with a trained practitioner will help to get to those that are blocking your barriers to success.

80 Questions to identify limiting beliefs

  1. What is not working in your life now?
    • How does that make you feel?
  2. When did this first happen?
  3. What age were you when this happened?
  4. What was going on in your life at that time?
  5. What was your emotional state at that time?
  6. What was going on in your life just before this?
  7. How would your life be if you didn’t have this?
  8. What would you need to do differently if this wasn’t there?
  9. What would you not want to do if you didn’t have this?
  10. Who or what would be affected if you let go of this?
    • How would that affect them/it?
  11. How safe would you feel if you didn’t have this?
  12. If this represented an emotion – what might it be?
  13. If this pain could talk – what might it say?
    • Who’s voice would that be?
  14. Where did you learn this behaviour/statement from?
  15. Who first said these words to you?
  16. Are those your words or someone elses?
  17. What tone of voice do you speak to yourself in?
  18. Is this your issue or someone elses?
  19. When was the first time you remember feeling like this?
  20. What does this remind you of?
  21. What could this feeling be protecting you from?
  22. What could be the purpose of this?
  23. What do you wish never happened in your life?
  24. If you could change one thing, what would that be?
  25. Can you remember the first, worst and/or last time this happened?
  26. Why might you deserve this?
  27. If this issue had a meaning, what might it be telling you?
  28. How do you know you have this?
  29. How many times has this occurred / re-occurred?
  30. If someone else had this what would you say to them?
  31. Where is the emotion located?
  32. What does that part of the body mean to you?
    • How does that makes you feel e.g. makes my skin crawl, gets up my nose etc.
  33. What image comes to mind when you think of this?
    • What does that image represent?
  34. Why do you think you haven’t resolved this yet?
  35. What did you tell yourself when this happened?
  36. What happened last time you were at your best?
  37. What do you tell yourself about it?
  38. What stops you from being well / free from this?
  39. How are you contributing to this?
  40. If an experience could have contributed to this, what might that be?
  41. What does this pain/emotion mean to you?
  42. If you could choose to have this , what would be the reason for it?
  43. How much (%) do you believe that you will get better / be free of this?
    • What does the remaining % consist of?
    • What would make that 100%?
  44. When you think of it, is it close by or far away?
  45. How many generations might this go back?
    • Who could it have started with?
    • Where could it have started (time period)
    • What might have been happening at that time (e.g. war / the great depression)
  46. If it had a colour, what might it be?
    • What does that colour mean to you?
  47. If it had a shape, what might it be?
    • What does that shape represent?
  48. If it had a smell, what might it be?
    • What does that smell remind you of?
  49. What makes you believe this is true?
  50. Why are you holding onto this?
  51. Who are you trying to hurt by holding onto this?
  52. What could you do to help yourself ?
    • Why don’t you do that?
  53. When the problem happened, what did that say about you?
  54. What part of you would you have to give up if you overcame this?
  55. What struggles do you have on a daily basis?
  56. What do you complain about the most?
  57. When is the issue at its worst
    • What are you doing?
    • What are you thinking?
    • What external influences are there?
  58. What are you doing too much or too little of?
  59. What is the recurring pattern [issue/event] that happens in your life?
  60. What would you have to believe in, in order to change this?
  61. What is the main character trait in someone else that really irritates you?
  62. I keep ‘this issue’ because……………………….?
  63. What would you say to your younger self to stop this from ever happening?

Debby is a Master EFT Trainer and has trained many people on how to tap on themselves for themselves to uncover and reprogram their limiting beliefs, as well as training people to become successful EFT practitioners.

She works with people on a one:one basis in person or via Skype.

Visit her website  for more info.

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How Limiting Beliefs are Created



During the first 6 years of our life everything we see and hear we believe to be 100% accurate, after all, we have no life experiences to tell us otherwise.

Each time we hear or see something a brick is laid in our wall of limiting beliefs where we tell ourselves things like:

  • People are out to get me
  • I'm not good enough
  • I must be perfect to be loved
  • The world is dangerous
  • You can't trust people
  • Life's not fair

We repeat this words to ourselves each time a life events remind us of it, so so we stack another brick on top to cement what we already believe we know.  The more we say negative things to ourselves, the higher and wider the wall.  The more we say the same thing, the more bricks we have in our wall to remind us of it, and eventually it becomes our identity, our story of who we are and where we come from.

After a while our wall of self limiting beliefs stops us from moving forward in relationships, jobs, hobbies, or any part of life, so much so that we can become anxious or depressed or we fail to take chances or see the beauty in life as our wall is always protecting us from going any further. Over the years this wall can become so high and wide that our body and mind may begin to weaken or give up as it believes that there is no way through it, round it or over it.

The irony is that for the majority of people, we do not realise this wall is even there, all we know is that we are afraid or anxious, but every now and again another life event will lay another brick, reminding us of how 'not good enough' we think we are.

How can you identify what's in your wall?

Take a look at what is not working in your life?

  • Do you have enough money coming in?
  • Are you in healthy, positive relationships?
  • Are you afraid to do things for fear of failure?
  • Do you worry about what others may think or say?

Each one of these things will be a brick in your wall of limiting beliefs.

How can you get round, through or over the wall?

Identifying some of the brick in your wall is the first step to being able to clear them.

The second is to be able to remove some of the bricks, or change the wording to more positive messages from "I can't do it" to "I can do it".

Affirmations are excellent, but often it is like shouting words at the brick wall and expecting them to stick, unless you clear the events that created the beliefs, the words you shout are unlikely to have a long lasting effect.

You could pretend the wall is not there and feel the fear and do it anyway/. That is an option that some people adopt, however, some of these bricks are deeply cemented and attached to health issues, and ramming the wall does not take away the physiological effect it has had on the body or mind.

One of the best and permanent ways to naturally dissolve the words on your wall and allow your subconscious to replace them with positive words is by using EFT, a meridian energy technique known as Emotional Freedom Techniques or tapping.

EFT can very often quickly help you to identify what is blocking your success to resolve the underlying issue and naturally change the wording to allow you to experience and achieve all life has to offer, so that you can confidently get that new job, ask that person on a date, get that sale and so much more...

Our limiting beliefs are the major controller of our lives and until these are changed there will always be something holding you back. How different could life be in you removed that limiting belief from your wall and allowed yourself to confidently move forward in life and discover the real you?

Debby is a Master EFT Trainer and has trained many people on how to tap on themselves for themselves to rid themselves of their limiting beliefs, as well as training people to become successful EFT practitioners. She works with people on a one:one basis in person or via Skype.

Visit her website for more info.

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