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Debby is a wonderful and extremely knowledgeable EFT Teacher Practitioner who conveys ideas and concepts clearly and easily in an engaging and memorable way. She actively facilitates personal growth during her training and 1:1 sessions. I felt in very safe hands working through issues that came up in training with Debby, and have experienced very positive changes and shifts. I have learnt EFT levels 1 and 2 and Matrix Reimprinting with Debby, and attending her tapping group. I highly recommend Debby as an intuitive, compassionate and very skilled EFT Teacher and Practitioner.

Wonderful teacher

( Elaine – Wellington )

Thanks Debby and Ron for a wonderful sound experience. It was extremely relaxing and meditative and I felt lifted and completely surrounded by the beautiful sound. Look forward to the next one

Relaxing …

( Vibrational Sound Experience feedback )

I went to Debby and Ron’s sound healing and it was just AMAZING. The healing power of the sounds have made such a difference to me. The change was happening during the evening and I have been smiling since. The sound healing has helped me recover from a period of depression and I cannot wait for the next evening.

Amazing …

( Vibrational Sound Experience feedback )

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